Work together seamlessly to conquer projects.

Use one app to collaborate and build your next project. From messaging to video conference calls, Komm is a one-stop solution for any size business' productivity needs.


Set deadlines, assign tasks, and track progress; all while having a direct line of communication from inside the app.

Tasks Messaging Time Tracker

Share files or your screen instantly with your entire department or just your team, with Komm's secure file and screen sharing.

File Sharing Screen Sharing Remote Control

Send calendar invites for your next meeting or share the latest memes with your co-workers. Take your meetings virtual and eliminate the need for conference rooms.

Calendar Video and Voice Calls Conference Mode

Work Efficiently

Komm comes with everything you need to collaborate and communicate in one simple solution. No longer are the days you need 4 subscriptions, Komm will be your one and only subscription.

  • Replace Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, and all the others
  • Host Komm in the cloud or on premise
  • Fast and friendly support

Do More with Less

Komm is competitively priced solutions allow for any size business to reap the savings and rewards when switching.

Built with IT in Mind

Komm is built to built to ease the workload of IT administrators. Built to be hosted in the cloud or on-premise, Komm is scalable and configurable by one of our consultants.

Going Above and Beyond

Komm offers more than just the basics, offering instead features that you will never go with out again.

Grow with Komm

Where ever your business takes you, Komm will provide the tools you need for your endeavors.

You First

Don't let your budget dictate the resources you provide your team with.

Whether your company is just a few people or is a large enterprise, Komm provides the flexible scaling to meet your needs.

What do you think?

Give us your input on Komm. Tell us what you like, dislike, or what you would change. Begin a brief questionnaire by clicking the button.

Kick Start Komm

We're working day and night to study the market to ensure Komm becomes a MVP. Once our funding is secured its full speed ahead to all the glory that Komm brings.

Market Research

We're conducting our research in order to verify Komm's sustainability in the market. One this has been confirmed we will move to secure funding and begin development.


When Komm reaches development, we will start working with our partners to craft a world-class application for the market.


We will launch Komm beta before to our partners in order to polish Komm for the full release. Komm will be updated regularly to maintain and add new great features!

Want to work with us?

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